This is the website of the Danish visual artist Jan Skovgard.
The site holds works from the period 2009 – 2022.
Feel free to browse it, feel free to contact me. Welcome!

For older works I refer to my old site. Link: www.janskovgard.dk

I only do my act when the sun is shining. And I will look towards the light.
But all the rest, the grey, every scar, every fracture, screw and metal plate is present.
It’s my life, my history, – it goes where I go.

Reference: Straight and Bent Nails (download 0.2 mb)

Jan Skovgård
Aakjærvej 47
DK – 8300 Odder
Tel. + 45 93833565
Email: jan@janskovgard.dk