Two branches and the colours of red, yellow, blue, and green.

The branches are from the Mirabelle tree, the tree with stem spines and yellow or red fruits. A tree which has seldom been planted by anyone but which nevertheless is to be found in hedgerow and scrub – as is the case in our hedge towards the field.

The top had to be cut off, pollarded, as I could no longer see the horizon or the sea from our 2nd floor window.

Painting has been included, too. Modest painting, but, nevertheless, painting. I have a dream about painting which I challenge from time to time. I have done this for years. The red colour is a fragment of such a self-evaluated attempt.

I am experiencing a good summer. Lying down alternates with small movements containing both destruction and construction.

With traces of earlier series like RE-flower IV, RE-weed, Roots and RE-thinking II I name this series Mirabelle. Well aware that the word Mirabelle is not always adequate for a collection of works that also includes ground elder and summer heat among others.

August 6, 2013
Jan Skovgård

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