RE-weed description


Weed. More weed. Most weed.
The organic material comes from my vacant building sites, the masking tape from the hardware store.

Plants organized in horizontal bands as far as they wish.
But, in fact, they are not horizontal; – I am lying down …
From there I see all the beauty – and all the rest.

I also see a direct reference to the series RE-thinking from 2009. Link:

As well as to a number of sculptures that I made back in 1994-97 when I was living in NYC. Sculptures that have never been published nor exhibited.
Being a member of the Sebago Canoe Club in southern Brooklyn I had my own state-of-the-art carbon kayak.
A tippy thing, fast, with a glide like a dream. I have paddled many miles in Jamaica Bay in that racer.
But I also produced some sculptures using my kayak as a podium. On location.
I reaped the rushes along the banks of the Paerdegat Basin. Bundled them and made arrangements on top of the back deck of my kayak. See photo.

Sebago Canoe Club, Brooklyn, 1995

The series RE-weed forms part of my long-standing project, Stella. The originally 5 (now 4 – I sold one) vacant building sites that I acquired after my trauma in 2004 being influenced by medicine, among other things: antidepressants.

Aarhus, October 2012.

Link to description in Danish: