RE-rokke description

I am aware that it looks like some kind of a carnival rod. But it is not.
So much does not look like what it really is.
It does not look like what I want it to, either.
I have a problem – in this respect it is alike.

I am aware that I do not do quite what I want to do. Something is left unreleased. Is it visible?

It is called Horsetail or Bottlebrush. In Danish: Padderokke.
A plant that, as it seems to me, is left out of what is generally to be found in the open land.
Perhaps this is why I bring it on …
At this point to me something unspeakable.
At least I have a couple of references that I like to display.

Reference no. 1:
In 1993 I held an exhibition – Fluid – together with Klaus Christensen.
The invitation card displayed an illustration from a popular scientific book from my childhood. You saw a mammoth about to drown in a lake of asphalt, pterosaurs circling above.
The exhibition consisted of a series of small coloured puddles on the floor, – red, yellow, blue, green and pink. Small lakes in holes having been deepened into the floor through the years.
The fluids were mouthwash, skin tonic, descalers, insecticides and other sorts of drugstore merchandise brought home from a travel to the US.
On the wall pieces of texts, – small so that you had to stand close without plodding in the puddles. The words – pompous like commercials –came from the packings of the products.

Reference no. 2:
A painting by the Russian artist Olga Rozanova titled Untitled (Green Stripe).
It was painted in 1917.
Do you happen to know this one?
The subject is a vertical central green stripe, white on both sides.
It is one of those pictures that I keep in my active vocabulary.
I do not know where it can be seen but in the ’70s it was part of the George Costakis Collection.
Exactly how it became the property of the Greek, I do not remember, but as I recall, it was found left in a closet somewhere in the former Soviet Union.
As tunes changed and winds blew from another direction towards Sibiria, only two possibilities were left: to pack up your things or to flee.

RE-rokke forms part of my Stella project, four big building sites in the Northern Jutland.
I found the first Horsetail, when cutting down some trees.
Later, looking more consciously for the plant, I became aware of the amount of plastic littering around.
More litter than Horsetail. (smiley)
At a time I was on my way moving out of a certain key, working with the idea of including this plastic in the series – referring analogously to Fluid.
I did not include it anyhow…

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