RE-flower III description

Re-flower III
Did you find out what was the name of that flower?
Those were, roughly, the words to the person closest to me some early morning.
Tancy was the answer – but now I will write it down. Meaning: I will look it up at some later moment.

The conversation above displayed as a prologue, I will get right to the point:
It is not the flower as a species that triggers me. Rather it is the flower being a flower.
And the fact that in spite of its nature – it is fleeting, yellow for only a couple of weeks during the early autumn – it was there when I needed it.
Or it happened to be around – and I found out that I needed it: one can bloom while one is leaning.

It is a kind of weed.
Weed is a common term for plants we have not deliberately developed and refined. Flowers which turn up at places where we did not specifically want them to.
The term is a cultural stigma.
We also call them ”wild flowers”, a synonym depending on the fact that they only show up in the open country.
In case they turn up in our gardens, we judge them: weeds.

Tancy is a weed.
It has a spicy flavour (like cat’s pee).
But it is beautiful.
I think it is beautiful – leaning.

The series is part of or rather is connected to my Stella project of five big building sites in Northern Jutland.
The wooden blocks and the sticks come from this place.
By the way, the five sites have been reduced to four: I had to sell one of them.

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