RE-flower II description

RE-flower II
The title refers to a corresponding series from last year (2010).
Referring at that time to a plant known in Danish under the popular name Coltsfoot, now to a plant known to most Danes as Red Horses Hoof (Rød Hestehov).
The time of the year is the same.
The locality is the same.
Much is quite the same.

Plants are shooting from the ground, and if you tend to look the other way too long, you are going to miss it.
You missed the opportunity.
It is beautiful and scaring at one and the same time.

A year has gone by.
And as you may see I am still painting, painting anywhere else than on a canvas.
White remains white while everything else is in a state of transformation.

Standing close, it all seems like something new.
At a distance – still the same.

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