RE-flower description

Coltsfoot is my favourite flower.
It has not always been like that. It was not like that two weeks ago.
In fact, I never had a favourite flower.
But there it was, in the sunshine.
I link it to something primeval, – the way in which the leaves are almost part of the stalk.
This is perhaps what I like.
Perhaps it means spring.

The present bouquet is for you and it is flanked by four of my paintings, – details from four of my paintings:
A re-painting from 1990 in which the motif is a number of deconstructed drawings from the project LIGE a year before.
A watercolour painting from the Angels series dated 1995. A (kind of) ”dogma” project with me painting – at the same time – with and on the same material.
A handicap painting from the time I spent in Viborg (2004) and, finally, another re-painting from the Vipalee series (2007). I still recognize one of my frame-objects with baking tins from the ‘80’s…

The photographic RE-flower series is not about flowers.
Rather, it is about flowering.

Very many things indicate that humans blossom only once.
Indeed, man is a perennial but do we all blossom? And how many of us are able to blossom several times?

As an artist I have had an unusual course.
I broke down.
Reality is made up of scars and age.
Behind RE-flower, behind the beautiful appearances of these materialisations, you sense dancing lines:
Did I blossom?
And if I did, will I be able to do it again?

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