In the summer of 2018 I bought a property at an auction. It is located in a very small settlement that developed a century ago when a railway came by. A railroad town. 

Today there is no longer any track nor train, but there is a good view. Upstairs there is a view of a hilly landscape with open fields and a large sky. 

One day I got the idea that I wanted to paint this view. I would paint it directly on the window, on the glass in one-to-one, as I saw it. 

As said, so done. But what came out of it, the result, was unfortunately not at the level of the idea. And now there was no longer any view… 

I have a long practice of shredding things so it did not take long before the window was no longer a window – and here the unexpected appeared: When I saw the colored glass pieces, the seed of this new series was sown.

As another by-product I have written a text, “Udsyn”, whose starting point is precisely this one: When I look out the through the window. 

Link to the text Udsyn (only in Danish):