RE-tour: Description

Between 1989 and 1991 I travelled to art museums and collections all over Europe.
”From Louisiana in Humlebæk to the Prado Museum in Madrid. From the Uffizies in Florence to Tate Gallery in London”, as stated in in the catalogue The Permanent Collection. Paradox Pictures from 1991 (note 1).

I photographed the in-betweens of the works of art in these museums. If the works of art happened to be visible in my photo, they were cut off. In this way my work was at the same time freed from and formed by tradition and cultural heritage. As indicated in the title of my project.

Yet, this archive of photos from my journeys also formed the base of other projects: The project T.P.C. Revolver from 1992 (note 2) and not least the sampled masterpieces of the project The Grand Tour from 1994 (note 3).

It is no secret that I later on – in 2004 – was hit by a mental break-down totally out of my own control.

Now, more than 25 years after these preliminary journeys, I once again went on tour.
I have revisited more than a handful of museums, but this time I did not enter – I walked around.
And I picked whatever I could find: flowers, plants … and arranged it all into a bouquet.

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