RE-angels, 2018

In 1995, more than 20 years ago, I painted a number of small watercolors, all of which were subject to some kind of dogma strategy before this term even existed: The watercolors were to be painted with the same paper as they were painted on.
I tore small corners of the paper to use them as “brushes”. When a watercolor was finished, the paper jams were pasted back onto the paper again.

The motif was also a challenge. On my many travels to Europe’s museums and collections in the years before, I had found that artists at all times had diligently avoided considering a detail in the manufacture of angels: How do the wings attach to the rest of the body? How and where are the wings attached? Are the shoulder blades moving when angels are going to fly?
No easy task. But I gave it a shot 🙂

The current project is a re take, in which I in 2017/18 in a process of painting and photography relate to the original watercolors. I consider it a “generation work”, in which I relate to my own production.
The result, RE-Angels, is a series of large photo prints on aluminum plates.