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I managed to settle the demons. Mostly. And without the need for medicine.

It is not quite the same as that there’s no longer something that haunts me, something that annoys me. I have just been good at – so much better at – building proportions that make the conditions operational and manageable. Mostly.

This applies not least to the relationship with myself. Here I have worked hard. Mostly – for there is definitely still room for “vegetating”. I am still very lying down, so it has been since 2004, but it is not the same as being unable to work. Far from.

This also applies to the relationship with my surroundings. Here I have become more patient and listening. I have become more spacious. For the most part, because I am definitely still challenged: While something is happening out there that looks good or bright, there is at least as much looking stupid.

Moreover, nobody wants to be related to stupidity. Not even if you try to soften and state that it is not necessarily the case all the time, and that the potential for things to be different is present. Mostly.

Summary: Start with yourself. Always (Smiley)

The series Mostly has a reference back to one of my other series, named T. P. C. Revolver, Chapter I, from 1991[1]. Here different objects were decomposed as well.
The text of the book then[2] spoke of shredded and granulated objects.
Objects, such as bath salts, breast pads, spark plugs brushes, film negatives, pain killers, nutmeg etc.

The works from back then were also photographs.

Aarhus, October 13, 2017
Jan Skovgård



[2] T. P. C. Revolver, 1992, Husets Forlag, ISBN 87-7483-295-6